CPOWERED2 Meal Guides

CP2 "Easy Go" - Meal Guide 

Dieting made EASY.  This simple guide is ideal for those just beginning their healthy lifestyle change. 

CP2 "Cut Carb" - Meal Guide 

The “No Carb” meal guide keeps you away from all the “Bad Carbs”. With this guide you avoid all the breads, rices, and substances that enhance weight gain. This is the perfect plan for fat loss and getting toned rapidly.

CP2 "1200 Cal" - Meal Guide 

You like details, numbers, and structure? Then this you. You can simply count calories, count your meals and keep it going. This is the Ultimate Guide for trimming, toning, and losing fat at a fast pace.

All Meal Guides include:

  • The Starter Kit Challenge
  • Workout Routine Guide
  • Absolute NO List
  • 30 day access to Professional Meal Planning Software
  • 2 15-minute Phone Consultations



CP2 Meal Guide - $29.99



Please consult your physician before starting any meal plan.